About me


My name is Calvin Pedzai and I am a User Experience Designer based in Cape Town South Africa. I  design experiences that try to improve users’ lives and create competitive business advantages. I am passionate about how art and design can be merged with technology to create better products. This is my portfolio blog in User Experience work.

Right Brain

Early on my passion for art lead me to work as a Graphic designer, logo designer and a front-end web developer. Following a Computer Science degree, I did my Masters in Human Computer Interaction and pro-actively opened up my own web development company to be a practice ground for what I was learning whilst studying. Other passions include Photography and video directing.


Left brain

Coming from a Computer Science degree background I am an analytical thinker, problem solver and understand new software very easily. I have worked over 2 years as a Financial services software developer, Java Mobile developer and an  Implementation Support Manager for the now Fortune 500 company, ACI Worldwide. I have also held part-time positions as a Google Analytics website manager and Social Media Community Manager.


Other interests are in business analysis, marketing, entrepreneurship, social media, mobile interaction design and web analytics.

For services I offer on a consultative and part-time basis see UX Services.


UX and UI design: http://www.behance.net/calvinpedzai

Google Plus:  My Google Plus account

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