Prototyping with Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq mockups is a rapid wireframing tool which reproduces the experience of sketching interfaces on a whiteboard, but using a computer so as to share, modify, generating ideas rapidly and for communicating to designers, developers and project managers more easily.

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Designing an automated pizza ordering system

pizza system

This project was a conceptual problem solving test for a User Experience designer. This was my take on it.

Brief: Designing an automated pizza ordering system which can be used by sit down customers at a restaurant by making it an engaging, easy, relevant, exciting and persuasive experience.

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To design or not to design

I start off this blog with a quote from a fellow practitioner (I used a fancy word) Cennydd Bowles, “The purpose of user experience design is to create personal value. We’re not here to reduce risk. We’re not here to massage conversion rates. We’re here to make things that improve people’s lives. In doing so, our companies profit in both senses of the word.”

Welcome to my blog on User Experience design and my adventure on its many intriguing landscapes. Get comfortable and enjoy your visit here.