Conversion optimisation of Hair products eCommerce site

hair products

Generating high volumes of traffic by employing digital marketing tactics like SEO, PPC and email marketing can be very beneficial but prove a costly exercise if the visitors leave the site without achieving the website’s goals. Conversion optimisation aims to turn eCommerce visitors into buying customers. This can only come about by understand the user’s goals and aligning it with the business goals, ultimately changing the design of the site. Therefore User experience design plays a vital role in Conversion optimisation process. This post is about how I tackled the evaluation and optimisation of a eCommerce site that sells hair products.

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User Experience Case study: Online Fashion eCommerce shop

Brief: An on-line fashion shop eCommerce business wanted to evaluate the user experience of the current website and use the results and recommendations to inform its short and long term website strategy.

*Note eCommerce business name has been not disclosed due to privacy issues.

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