Designing for behavioural change

┬áBehaviour change is the measurable outcome of good UX design. Here’s a review of a few design techniques and processes to help UX designers to create sustainable behaviour change. Presented by Phil Barrett, User experience designer at Flow Interactive South Africa at UX Cape Town Masterclass.

How to create animated GIFs for UI design presentations: Part 3 After Effects animations and transitions


Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 11.36.13 AM
What truly sets animated GIFs apart is the smooth transitions and animations between states, one can showcase. This enhances the digital experience for a user. A use case can be scripted or merely a simple mobile app turning on. The only drawback is the quality, length of animation and the size of file. In this third part of our tutorial, I will shared what effects I used to get my animated GIF of a mobile weather app. The first tutorial was on the full overall process and the second tutorial is on exporting into optimized GIFs.

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How to create animated GIFs for UI design presentations: Part 2

Weather app animated GIF

Weather app animated GIF

This is the second part in the series of creating those awesome cool, animated GIFs of UI designs. In the first part we had used Adobe After Effects to create two compositions. One for transitions and animations of a weather app. The other one for how we want to present it on a mobile phone background. In this second part, we save our composition properly in preparation for optimizing it into a GIF.

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Conversion optimisation of Hair products eCommerce site

hair products

Generating high volumes of traffic by employing digital marketing tactics like SEO, PPC and email marketing can be very beneficial but prove a costly exercise if the visitors leave the site without achieving the website’s goals. Conversion optimisation aims to turn eCommerce visitors into buying customers. This can only come about by understand the user’s goals and aligning it with the business goals, ultimately changing the design of the site. Therefore User experience design plays a vital role in Conversion optimisation process. This post is about how I tackled the evaluation and optimisation of a eCommerce site that sells hair products.

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Kulula app

Kulula app for tracking flights

I love travelling on Kulula (an airline company) and rate their online booking service very highly. Actually keeps me coming back because they have worked out a great experience for buying an airline ticket. The mobile version is not that different and taps into the existing functionality available on the desktop version. There were particular user experience scenarios I felt the mobile version did not effectively cater for and decide to create my own native app version. This is a glance into the User experience (UX) design process so far.

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User Interface redesign of an educational public display


On an earlier post I discussed how I used User Experience methodologies for my Masters Thesis to enhance a educational Bluetooth enabled system for the developing world context. This is detailed version of how I went about redesigning the actual display interface for an educational context using User Centred Design methods.

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Stanford University – Need finding User experience assignment

After having done a Human Computer Interaction course with Stanford University online over several weeks through Coursera, I really found their need finding phase of the course insightful. On this blog post I share how we went about exploring user needs in our surroundings and my thoughts and improvements around the course.

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