Usability design methods in my Masters project

This Microsoft-sponsored Masters project sought to explore a solution for some of the educational challenges experienced by a tertiary institution in developing world countries. These challenges were the high cost of bandwidth for Internet access and lack of money for building new computer labs resulting in overcrowded labs and fewer learners gaining access to information. The solution explored was one which would provide a reliable means of accessing time specific tasks for students through the use of existing technologies. Several Usability design methods were used to achieve this goal and I discuss them in this post.

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Case study: NGGroup Property and Auctioneering company

NGGroup website

NG GROUP is a Company that focuses on Property Sales, Multiple-Property Auctions and Onsite Auctions, as well as Training & Development of Estate Agents and Auctioneers.

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To design or not to design

I start off this blog with a quote from a fellow practitioner (I used a fancy word) Cennydd Bowles, “The purpose of user experience design is to create personal value. We’re not here to reduce risk. We’re not here to massage conversion rates. We’re here to make things that improve people’s lives. In doing so, our companies profit in both senses of the word.”

Welcome to my blog on User Experience design and my adventure on its many intriguing landscapes. Get comfortable and enjoy your visit here.