Why Angry Birds are so darn popular

Angry Birds is the most popular puzzle-type video game developed by Rovio Mobile. And just how much did the agitated feathery creatures bring last year? A very cool $106 million with 60%+ profit margin with only 224 employees. Downloaded 800 million times to date with 200 million active users by end of 2011, Angry birds has turned out to be a worldwide hit.

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User experience in designing Michael Jordan Signature shoes

In this article there is a video about the New Jordan Signature shoes. This Youtube video is very insightful in depicting the work User Experience Designers do. What really stands out is that the UX discipline is not limited to software but the same methodologies can be used to design, shoes.

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To design or not to design

I start off this blog with a quote from a fellow practitioner (I used a fancy word) Cennydd Bowles, “The purpose of user experience design is to create personal value. We’re not here to reduce risk. We’re not here to massage conversion rates. We’re here to make things that improve people’s lives. In doing so, our companies profit in both senses of the word.”

Welcome to my blog on User Experience design and my adventure on its many intriguing landscapes. Get comfortable and enjoy your visit here.