How to use your design skills to land a job. Stand out!!


Chen Zhi Liang designed this wonderfully infographic resume showcasing all the important qualifications and skills. Its a really neat design because of the clever usage of color and space. This article features 10 design resumes/cvs that definitely stand out.

1. Tommy Pesavento – Creative Director


Visual resume of Tommy Pesavento – creative director, writer and designer – in the form of an infographic.


2. Jed Empleo – Graphic designer


3. Loyez Geoffrey – Creative designer


4. Zhi Liang – Print and Interactive Designer / Developer

Resume design

5. Oliver Harrison


6. Chris Rowe – Graphic and Industrial Designer



7. Milan Chudoba – Freelance Graphic Designer



8. Marco Schifano – Creative Director and Digital Graphics expert



9. Jimmy Raheriarisoa – Art director



10. Gary Corr – Graphic Designer

Gary Corr Made Easy 13

5 thoughts on “How to use your design skills to land a job. Stand out!!

  1. These are all “Pritty” but they all have on detail that breaks their usefulness and as a UX/UI guy really bugs me.

    Giving you skills and experience a rating from 1 to 5 stars or whatever one may use, is about as usefull as bicycle peddles on a wheelchair. It’s an arbitrary scale that has no validity to anyone.

    Seeing that a persons skills in illustrator is 3 stars and hes or her skill in photoshop is 5 stars tells me absolutely nothing about the persons competence in either.

    The same goes for the guy who made a pie-chart that shows hes experience. The only thing it tells me is that hes not as experienced at “Creative direction” as he is at copywriting.

    Is this chart measured in years of experience or..?

    He has about as much experience in cooking as he has in “Creative Direction”. This would mean that he is just as qualified for a chef job as he is for a job as “Creative Director”. Mind that the charts have no units of measure so this could also mean that he is grossly unqualified for both.

    I get it, charts are trendy. But for the love of god use them when they are called for. Not just for the hell of it. Doing this kind of thing when applying for a job in UX is moronic.

    • Thank you for your comment but you seem not to have read the headings. None of these are UX guys and the title is how to use your design skills to stand out. These designs are probably conceptual so don’t read too much into content either.

  2. Even so, design for designs sake is still a no go. We get plenty of that from the clients 😉
    Form follows function, thats design 101. Otherwise what you create is art, and not design.

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